Nicholas Ripplinger
Nicholas Ripplinger

My purpose and vision on leadership: To help leaders learn, grow, share, and become the best leaders they can be, with a special focus on Veterans in transition.

Leadership, similar to any other skill, is one that we, as leaders, must seek to improve.  Our skills can be improved and should be improved every day so that we can provide more value to our team.  As we learn and grow, we need to share our knowledge with others as well.  In a nutshell, I believe that leaders have one of the most important responsibilities in life and in business, and this responsibility must be taken seriously by doing everything we can to become better and more knowledgeable leaders.

What makes a great leader?

A great leader is one that is always seeking to improve themselves for the betterment of their team. They are willing to take the time to learn from every avenue such as their own personal and professional experiences, books, webinars, and all the other forms of learning that are available. However, every great leader’s goal and focus is to improve their team, not just themselves.


How do people learn from their experiences?

Learning from everyday life isn’t a hard skill to master but it is something that so many people fail to learn. We can all learn something every day if we open our eyes and take a few moments throughout the day to reflect on what is going on. It can be as simple as a conversation or as complex as ending up in a hospital in the middle of a combat zone. Everything we experience and be a learning opportunity if we choose to take advantage of the lessons that are right in front of us.

As leaders what do we do with our knowledge?

Leaders have to apply their knowledge for the betterment of the organization and their team. Knowledge is only one aspect of leading. You can know everything in the world but if you do not use it what good is that knowledge?   Leaders must also share their knowledge and pass it along to others.

What do leaders owe their team?

Leaders need to realize that they are not in that position to just draw a larger pay check. They are their position because someone saw the potential in them to add value to the organization and their team. This means that have the ability to provide mentoring, resources, and knowledge to their team so the team can reach their full potential. When a team reaches their full potential they will be successful and surpass expectations. To sum it up a leader owes their team their very best selfless service.

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