An Open Letter


Hire vetsI hope my book has illustrated the journey that all veterans have gone on during their time in the service. We are all exposed to great and poor leadership that has helped shape us into the leaders we are today. We learned these lessons under the pressure of life-and-death situations and not in the safety of a classroom or in a place of business.


I realize that a veteran will not always suit your hiring needs, and I am fully aware of this. I just hope that you do not overlook a qualified veteran for employment at your business place due to the lack of formal education. I assure you that most veterans have learned far more during their time of service than most who have a fancy piece of paper with the university president’s signature in the bottom right hand corner. They have earned an education second to none in the real world with real bullets flying over their heads.

I hope this book was an eye-opener and that it brought to light the things veterans learn on a daily basis that you do not always see in the interview. This knowledge is invaluable to most major organizations, and I hope that you as a hiring manager will take the time to consider the value in a veteran that is not always documented.

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