dave_austinThank you Nick Ripplinger for writing the book that needed to be written.

Having the honor to work with those in our Armed Forces I have come to realize how powerful their training and discipline is, and how it translates so well into being successful when they transition into the business world. 

Nick brilliantly in this book shows what true leadership is. I hope if you are an employer this book opens your eyes to the qualities a veteran can bring to your company that goes far beyond a college education.

If you are a veteran, I hope this book opens your eyes to how powerful your experiences in the military are and has prepared you to be a ROCK STAR in the business world. 

When you discover the gifts your experiences have been and use these experiences to move you forward in a positive direction life becomes brighter not only for you but all those around you.

Dave Austin
Author of the International best selling book “Be A Beast”
and founder of Extreme Focus

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