Front Line Leadership

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“Resumes don’t tell employers everything they need to know about prospective leadership hires. That is never truer than with our veterans. A better approach would be to ask, ‘What have you learned, and how will you apply it?’” Nick Ripplinger

Through honest, compelling storytelling, Nick Ripplinger takes the reader through various scenarios and illustrates how leadership decisions, both good and bad, impact a situation and the lives of those involved. By pinpointing specific lessons he learned through these experiences, Nick offers his insights and discusses how these lessons apply not only to the military but to the business world as well.

In this book Nick shares lessons such as:

  • The danger of using fear as a leadership style
  • The significance of documenting goals
  • The importance of taking care of yourself
  • The value of collaboration
  • The consequences of not having a plan

Nick offers the reader a glimpse into his head and his heart as he shares his oftentimes grueling experiences. In an honest, authentic way, Nick uses these stories to illustrate what works and what doesn’t with regard to effective leadership, and further explains the results and repercussions of key decisions. The stories are entertaining, but the lessons learned at the end of each chapter are invaluable for anyone wanting to grow as a leader.

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